Someone help me! (Ace)

Hi!, i started playing Star Conflict recently and i just won 10000 vouchers for playing 5 days in a row.
My question is, where do i see the amount of vouchers i have? because i want to purchase weapon upgrades that cost 6000 vouchers (from any faction) and i cant! Help please!

To see exactly how many vouchers you do have with each sub-faction you can go to CONTRACTS or to your PROFILE, both located in the upper bar of your screen, in the hangar.

Here’s a tip: If you know you are going to get your 5-day reward (10,000 vouchers) switch to a faction whose vouchers you need.


The 10,000 vouchers rewarded for logging in 5 days consecutively are based on the faction for which you are working at the time you complete your 5th consecutive day of logging in.


Example: I know I’ve logged in 4 days consecutively and I’ve been grinding contracts for Wardens b/c I need vouchers from Warden faction. But all their contracts are on a countdown because I’ve completed them all. If I switch to Techs to knock out some of their contracts, I’ll want to make sure to switch back to Wardens before I log off, so that then next time I log in my 10,000 freebies will come in the form of Warden vouchers, which I need.