Some questions

  1. Inhibitor missiles - I noticed something interesting: if i deal let’s say 5.000 damage/hit before CM, after CM it should be higher, because of the 40 points of resists lowering. But the damage is the same. So I suspect this is a bug. No need for logs, anyone can take a command and test this in OS or PvP.


  1. LRF damage display. This needs a fix. Now the problem is when I snipe (especially larger ships - frigates, dessies) there are 2 damages / hit, the main damage and the 2nd one (a bonus or some extra damage for destroyers). So the first (main) damage can’t be seen because the 2nd damage is displayed exactly on top of that. This was tested on 19" up to 28" monitors, and it was identical everywhere. When they scroll upwards, the scroll time is also so short that I simply can’t see how many hitpoints I do with the main shot! Again, no need for print-screens or logs, please take a LRF and see for yourself. 


  1. I would like to understand the process which leads to frustrating nerfs in this game. Who comes up with the idea of nerfing a ship/module? The players, the devs? Or who? Is there a meeting? Or how does it work? And if someone suggests it, why or when is it done? Please explain in as many details as possible. Here’s a short list of the recent nerfs that I totally reject, and (if possible!) I would like to reverse:


a. Gravi-beamer (reduced from 50% to 35%).
No logic there. Also, no fun!

b. The impossibility to fit multiple Tetroxide injectors and Horizon Modules. Just … throwing up!I want to fit 3 Horizons, for Open Space (please don’t tell me to fit chips with range).
Why can’t I do that!?

c. Wolfhound’s Ignis blaster.

d. Ze’ta - C. suppressor’s speed.

e. Removal of nukes from portals. Yes, most of them were used for drones. But this, along with increasing the hull/damage of drones, made it a very weird nerf.  I understand the devs want pew-pew and tactics/strategy in portals (i want too, i like portals) but with or without the nukes, you still have lots of pew-pew. Clearing the drones with cov-ops was no big deal overall, so I don’t see the logic for removing the nukes. If we move along this logic (of strictly pew-pew) would it be fair to assume everyone should use gunships? Because they have firepower, compared to recons, let’s say.


  1. Also nerf-related.

a) With every update, that annoying “contract” comes up, which we have to ‘sign’/agree with. Tbh, I haven’t read it, I just click agree, but I am 100% sure there isn’t any sentence there that forces me to agree with the nerfs listed above. 

b) Some players use RL cash sometimes. Imagine you buy a Ferrari with 500hp listed, 350km/h max speed today - 29.07.2021 and tomorrow you discover the producer “has reserved the right” to nerf it, to have only 400hp and 200km/h max speed. I think everyone gets the point… Why does this happen to ships / modules??


  1. Matchmaking: 

a. Yesterday (28.07) i had a PvP match that was 1 vs 1 (RL) and 9vs9 bots (with that perfect damage).
How is something like that possible, since there are thousands of online players logged in at any moment?!
I I understand loading bots at start, but to keep them until the end doesn’t make sense. It’s like you’re forcing me to do PvE when i click “PvP”.

b. A big problem for Portals and Sec Con: some say “make a wing, don’t run it solo” others say “don’t make wings because you’ll face stronger (experienced) wings”. So… obviously there are solutions to fix this, but the question is why don’t the devs want to fix it?! Exactly today i had a sec con game with bots (2RL + 3 bots vs 3RL + 2 bots).
Again, this isn’t fair and it isn’t fairplay
. Why should any dev force me to play 2 vs 3? Why are bots in sec con??? There’s no bot corp, they don’t get any resources. If there are not enough players, you could simply get a message “the MM failed to find a battle/opponents” or something like this. But please don’t mix PvE (bots) with PvP, it’s disgusting, horrible.


Just my 2 cents…


PS: more to come :slight_smile:



A lot of good content for consideration here. The nerfs one especially. Sure some things are overpowered on launch due to not having any real balance testing yet, but for old “tried and true” items, why nerf them after all this time??


And in general, technology moves forwards not backwards. If a manufacturer releases a car that has 500hp. The next thing is a manufacturer releasing a car with 520hp. They don’t complain about the 500hp car until that manufacturer reduces the hp lmao.