Some OS fixes/ideas

Ok,I’ll be honest,I don’t know if to classify these as bugs or “features” but they have to be fixed,upon request I may do a bug report(but still not likely to).


-First of all,it could be great if you would do something about the game freezing in the loading screen while jumping from one sector to another upon activating the Spatial Scanner,not sure it’s a intended “feature” or a random bug not many people got the guts to report,so here it’s a video to proof it:


-Another thing is about the warping again,how about a animation of the ship jumping away after activating the warpgate and then fading into the loading screen and then,when the loading ends it should fade back where you would jump towards the sector,kinda like in other games since all what we have is the ship freezing in place and dissapearing in a flash and then appearing on the other side just the same way(with a bit of unaccuarcy).


-Last thing is to be able to collect daily assignment rewards without docking in the station from where you started it,just to save some time,for example you would have to do a mission to the Terramorphing Station for example and instead of flying all the way back to Mendes-XI(or self-destructing).You can be able to fly to New Eden and collect the reward from Jericho there aswell as accepting the next mission and so on,it would save a lot of time doing the daily assignments,you can do that at least to compensate for the monocrystal reward cut…


Hope these changes will give you some ideas in order to make OS a bit better,at least before “the update”.



++ from me

Yeah, 1 is really annoying when flying from gate to gate takes less than 30 secs but loading takes 1+mins.


2 is a good idea. It looks cool when you think of it but I really doubt they would bother doing it. Hope they do.


3 is a simple and great idea, could save a lot of time!

Thechnical issues are always on our notes. Bug report would be appreciated :wink: