Some Ms Frost achievements not showing as done

This has probably been submitted already but I couldn’t find the original so here is my report.

Some players (confirmed me and millanbel) have not been credited with certain days of the Frist missions even though they have completed them. I have yet to miss a day and yet it shows that I missed day 4. Milan doesn’t have day 3.
If something can be done, id appreciate it be done before the final day of the Frost missions so that we still get the final achievement along with everyone else that has not encountered this issue.


Screenie of issue:



Yup. Just a few days to fix this.

Don’t worry I can wait.

Are you sure that you fulfill all tasks in time, maybe you just was late? I mean all quest days have “day” limitations based on server time.

Most definitely. I’ve always done the missions the moment that they turned over in the servers. (Because it is in the daytime for me)

Most definitely.

Well, unfortunately with the current information we think that the reason of your issues is server time. 

Given that (where I live) the servers give new missions at exactly 6:00pm, I am rarely doing anything at the time of the turnover so I have always been playing in-game when they have happened. Plus, I have the rest of the following day to complete them if I did not manage to that previous night, so unless I was knocked out for 24 hours straight there is no way that I have missed a mission. I play this game every day. I’m an addict! XD

Edit: As of tonight I’ve finished 100% of the available Frost missions. All that remains is for me to be credited for the one day that mysteriously didn’t get achieved.

If y’all let me lose this whole achievement system because of a bug I’m going to be severely PO’d.