Some Help Please

Hello! Rookie here, just got myself up to teir 2 a couple of days ago so still pretty fresh, i decided to go down the path of interceptors since i’m a fan of moving fast and dogfighting.

I thought i would be pretty decent against fighters etc but i seem to be terribly useless at dealing damage, i was wondering if someone could help by explaining what i might be doing wrong and ways i can improve?

At the moment im pretty much ready to give up because i am stuck in a cycle of, fighting with my ship, finishing a battle, not having the 60,000 to spend on repairs, fighting with my t1 ships in t2 getting annihilated until i unlock my interceptor again and then starting the whole cycle again.


As you can imagine, not having enough money to repair your only ship is pretty depressing, let alone not being able to save ANY money because you spend all your time stuck in this messed up repair cycle.

i am flying the T2 Dwarf interceptor, my fitting is  the 33% damage booster and the hull repairer
Followed by assault plasma cannons with kinetic and em boosting modifiers as well as missiles and homing missiles.


My main problem seems to be actually being able to take down any opponents at all, i find myself being instantly killed with one or two hits from anything, one hits for my shields and another for my hull if not 3 for the full deal.

I will often get myself behind a fighter, literaly so close my nose is bumping their engines, fireing full auto straight into the back of their ship and just doing nothing to their hull, switching damage types just does nothing, even with the damage booster it feels like im just massaging their engines untill they are lucky enough to get a hit or two in and im just dead.

I have tried using pulse lasers but i find the exact same problem.

What do i do =[


Interceptors aren’t for primary killing, since they don’t have the HP to stick it out. What they’re best at is separating, tackling and neutralising. Throw an Ion Beam on and find a fighter to stick with. You’re best at neutralising something while someone else kills it.

Thanks a lot man i appreciate the reply, i figured i might be playing incorrectly. I will endevour to be more of a wingman.

Anyone else have any interceptor tips?

Also what are those high level interceptors like?

What are modules are good for weakening/controlling opponents?

Capturing points early on with them also works well, trying to get a hang of sticking to an enemy at low levels would be much useful at later levels. Oh and if you don’t have money, just swap the tech 2 ship to a tech 1 and it will put you with the tech 1 games so you wont get out classed, works for me!

I’ve got the hang of manouvering but obviously i have been too much of a selfish lone wolf idiot and not enough of a team player.  I will work on that. And thanks for the tip with the teirs.

What are peoples favourite weapons?

I personally use my interceptor as a kind of assasin, i lurk around the edge of the teams flank, wait for some lone idiot and bring him utter pain, got a rare stasis module and a achilles module couple with a rapid fire plasma with plasma booster and needle system. and the most important part is to never hold stil and strafe around in every direction like an hyperactive hummingbird :wink:


kinda the same i do with my federation fighter with the added bonus of being able to stun an enemy in its tracks, after 2-3 kills i usually have the half the enemy team trying to kill me leaving my team eneough breathing room to do as they please^^

Awesome i like it, also nice to see another person representing the greater good on the internet :wink:

My in game name is the same as my forum name here if anyone’s looking for a wingman, i live in Australia and i’m on after 6pm GMT+10 pretty much every night, with one or two buddies, once more of our friends move over to playing we may invest in running an aussie corp. Feel free to add me as a friend!!

Thanks again.

You can destroy Frigates on 1vs1, it will take time, but you’ll barely take any damage if you use your lateral movement well, and don’t get too close.

how do you get the stasis mod on the fed t2 interceptor i see players now and then with it but the olny one i can find are t3/t4 stasis mods?

how do you get the stasis mod on the fed t2 interceptor i see players now and then with it but the olny one i can find are t3/t4 stasis mods?

Some modules have been removed from the store in a recent patch, older players still have said modules. I have tier 1 nukes but realistically nukes are a pretty terrible weapon when compared with just using proper missiles. I tried using a few just to get a reaction but at tier 1 they didn’t even know what I was doing and really I was just getting myself killed doing it. Makes me wish I had some at tier 2 where people might notice but I didn’t buy any since I found out at tier 1 how bad of a weapon they really are.