Some good news for corporations

It’s not long ago that we introduced the corporations,

and now we got almost 70 corporations in game.


Some of the corporations have already made several 10000 kills and grown bigger and stronger.

In order to support the corporations we will add new content for them from patch to patch, sometimes some little features and some times bigger features.


This week we want to introduce the possibility of expanding the clan up to 100 people.



In addition, we are introducing the custom corporation tag.

A tag is a unique abbreviation of your Corporation, which is displayed in a battle near the player’s nickname.

The tag is from 2 up to 5 characters, it can contain only letters of Latin alphabet characters and numerals. It cannot contain space characters.

Tags are created separately from the clan as an option. You can change the tag or remove it completely.

If your corporation does not have a tag there will be no information next to the player’s nickname.

Information about the cost of services will be available with the introduction of the patch.


Good news~~

very good…Thank you and all the people!

nice game is getting better and better

great job