[SOLVED] 500GS reward mission/contract not resetting.



This is not OS-related but there’s no other section that fits this problem.
1. Description of the problem, what happened.
My 500GS reward mission/contract for 60/60 regular tasks completed is not resetting, and has not reset since last Thursday 11/04/2019.
2. What did you expected to happen.
I expected the contract to reset as it had done so two times before.
3. The conditions during the situation.
No particular conditions. The mission/contract is just not resetting.
4. Further details on the issue.
I last completed it on Thursday 11/04/2019. Clicked on “Complete”, received my 500 GS reward just fine, but then it did not reset and it has not reset ever since.
5. Frequency of occurrence.
First time, on-going.
6. Logs + screenshots:
Screenshots attached.
Not sure how many logs since then I should send. It’s a lot. Please advise.
7. Time when it happened
Since last Thursday 11/04/2019, on-going.
8. Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag)


DxDiag attached.

That is all. Thanks!



[DxDiag 20190416.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=18201)


This quest have a reset period of ~2 or ~3 weeks.

1 hour ago, Balalayka133 said:

This quest have a reset period of ~2 or ~3 weeks.

Supposed to be weekly.

1 hour ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Supposed to be weekly.

When was it changed? It was monthly before.

4 hours ago, raulmckool said:

I last completed it on Thursday 11/04/2019

Wait for 19/04

3 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

Wait for 19/04

Cool, thanks!

18 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

Wait for 19/04


It’s back.