“Solaris Wasteland” location panorama



The UMC continues to talk about current events in the Star Conflict universe. The history of fringe sectors is being made before our very eyes.




Zone: Solaris Wasteland

System: Solaris


Have you ever been to the Wasteland? It’s a dreadful place. Do you know how many ordinary people, not fighters, died in this meat grinder on the Wastes? As I try to close my eyes — I hear their cries for help… Our unit was accompanied by transports. And then they shot me down, I woke up at the station, restored piece by piece. The commanders say that we must live on, and all this is our stubborn Jericho pride. But no one will prevent me from remembering this…


Earlier, there had been many rumours about the mysterious scientific station that was located here, but only one thing was known for certain: it belonged to the Techs caste. Aliens attacked the station so quickly and furiously that there was practically nothing left of it.


We don’t know what exactly happened here. But this is where the remains of one of the Mendes family’s evacuation flotillas are located. They say that the relatives of the Supreme Censor were there and their death was the reason why he preferred to stay here and the family did not leave with the others. Be that as it may, now cybers and Aliens are running this huge cemetery.


It’s also where they started to find new rare minerals, which have already caused a stir on the black market.