Solar Freakin Roadways

I want this. Is this for real ?


Noobtrain is never afraid of hitting moose and he loves shoveling. On the upside JPhack can no longer get snowed in. He can get sweet rolls if he runs out. Does that happen or do you always have a stockpile. I saw Engle’s name.

I could only imagine the amount of siezures with those led lights. Oh and btw what happens WHEN someone hacks into it. For a prank they could do some very dirty things. If they are more criminal remove white and yellow boundaries. Screw up the lights telling you when to stop or proceed. Also imagine the amount of construction. Whiny people everywhere would start complaining and saying, “This roadway is too OP! I hate the amount of traffic and detours! I can’t get to the exotic lounge in time…”

I want this. Is this for real ?



Hmm, yeah, nice idea, but i think they would just steal the panels.

Hmm, yeah, nice idea, but i think they would just steal the panels.



Yah… wut he said ^^^^


Just imagine how many of these things you would find hanging on the walls of a college dorm!

Also, imagine when someone hacked the controls and draw a pattern of huge d*cks on the road from your house to your job.


I already said that but with less detail

There are so many better surfaces for solar panels that I can’t help being amazed that anyone would want to put them on roads and parking lots instead where freakin’ cars are blocking the sun… Don’t want to know the noise level of running over those, either.

But Stargem should probably hire that guy for a Star Conflict marketing video! :wink:

Ha… now you can hack the road…

On paper everything sounds nice, but as others have pointed, people could steal it, or hack it, and there are better places to put them.


Also even though they would paid from themselves, the initial cost would be high, wouldnt it?

Ok, but all of you are forgetting the most important issue here… what will happen with the tire grip?! Now I can’t go out there and drift with my 89 S13? Now I can’t go to racetrack and race my “freakin” racecars? 


Local weather is horrendously hot, and I’ll like as much shade on the sidewalk and crossings as possible. And anywhere on the streets where I’m likely to jaywalk across.

If those solar panels can keep it above freezing why not cool the region down a few degrees. This temperature change with all that surface area. People don’t even know the effects of terraforming and you want them to have control of a regional AC or heater. Global warming on acceleration coils with iridium heatsink…

I saw Engle’s name.

Haha, I saw “Music by David Engle” and was like "Oh dear god…that’s my dad!  Wait…he isn’t musical at all  :dntknw: "


Cool video, it’d be awesome to live in a real-world Tron :smiley:

Ha… now you can hack the road…


Oh god…WATCH DOG is coming to our world hide your cars everyone!

My only question is…

Will it blend?



Also read the top comment on that


Also read the top comment on that

That web address possibly leads to a phishing site. Is anyone else having that same problem?

Its linked by theverge. Sounds like a false-alert on your side

Bloody OpenDNS… :facepalm: