so this new elly ship......

  Thar’Ga is unbalenced already, and this new ship, with its Tai’al that fires MISSILES, and its Tai’thaq that IGNORE SHIELDS??? End of jericho ships?

Are you on the public test server?

Tai’thaq does ignore shields, but its more like a debuff applier rather than delivering damage with every shot, as much as I remember applying some hits on the Scouts dealt 400 something damage/second, the health bars barely moved so that won’t cause too much bother, even for a Jericho ship, consider kinetic resistances and a repair kit, or staying close to an engi.

Tai’al’s missiles aren’t that manoeuvrable so a turn speed, even a strafe build can dodge them, I’d say Hunter energy spheres level of manoeuvrability, and without the lock you will miss the targets by miles, so locking disruptions will work wonders on it.