So... The Sword AE

This build is a product of late-night thinking. The build is up for discussion and scrutiny. Feel free to rip it apart or praise it into a Demi-god.

Purpose: Complete beacon related objectives. Make passes on ships getting as much damage in as possible. Not suitable for dogfighting.

Notable implants: J2 implant, implant that disables engine imbibing effects on active mod activation

Passive Hull

3 adaptives

Cruise engine

1 EB, One heatsink

1 pw, 1 crit chance

Sing CNN - speed projectiles

Piercing missiles

Target painter, flares, engine supressor, sentry drone

Hah, lol.

Adaptives but no multipurpose with Fed R8 implant.


That ship is an easy kill for any recon with slowing missiles, for other tacklers, or when you’re in MPI range.

Flares suck, take multiphase shield adapter, shield booster M or repair kit M, then i can deal with your build.

Bacon related objectives? Cruise Engine > Verniers.

I could exchange the flare for the shield resistance but flare has shorter cooldown and helps against missiles. Like I said before. The ship isn’t for prolonged fighting. The missiles will help me escape if I get slowed down.

For the purpose you described Lion would do ten times that job better though. 

Any ship that can either drain your energy or slow you down will love you long time.

swap an adaptive against an energy recuperation.


that module does wonders on speed fits.


also, i would not use sentry drones with this fit (I started by using both drones :D), use only inhibitor, target painter, and two mp modules. you will need it to escape tackling - and ECMs can be also quite deadly for a speed tackler (gunships have less problems there).


also watch out, since the weapons which are most dangerous for a cruise fighter are actually things like plasma guns on a fast recon, or long range lasers, usually weapons which are less dangerous without the module will kill you more frequently.

it’s a tackler

it’s a tackler

yes it is.



gotta agree with residente btw., fed fighters do better with cruise. even tho i do use it on the sawtooth sometimes.

Changing the build. 1 vernier and 2 heat sinks

Target painter, shield booster, engine suppressor, sentry

Singularity cannon and heatsink? With the low firerate, you’re not gonna see much of a difference in anything but the heatup times. Plus, cruise engine will make that a pain in the rear to aim on interceptors, unless you spring engine suppressor on them, and even then, that’s got a cooldown and a hard counter with F8 + multipurpose.

See my last post.

See my last post.

Oh. Didn’t see the verniers bit >.>


I still have doubts on heatsink and singularity, though. Plus, without speed mods, now you’re a bit slow to be using singularities against interceptors. Fighters and frigates, sure, but if you’re at a beacon, interceptors are you main competition.