So I returned... Rant v2.0

>Be me

>play almost exclusively r15 pvp

played ALOT of games and here is what I have to say:

(Some ~150 hour of actual battle time for the past week)


Before you read the stuff below please note that my overall experience was miserable - either complete despair

or just plain frustration. Small battles or brawls feel drawn out (cant wear down enemy ships) and large battles

give you the impression that flying standard ships are not even remotely able to compete (not special projects).


Thar ga is the most balanced of the bunch but still a tad too strong. 

Alien Recon is reaching new levels of Broken.

Waz Got is currently the strongest ship in the game overall.


So I decided to convince myself that I was wrong about the tai kin:

Here is my tackler build:

Lion MK 2 all purple modules r15 with railgun with anti alien ammo.

Specially tuned shields and hull to fight alien dmg types.


Results: Impossible to counter these ships (tai kin), once I apply debuffs they cleanse them.

Cant for the life of me understand why they are able to tank so much 2646 Dps railgun.

Had plenty of encounters vs these ships in all types of situations.

I tried all possible setups and none of them have worked.

This is some 2+2=5 level of retardation (tacklers cant tackle inties)

Apply a debuff that prevents cloaking for ~20 seconds.

Their damage rivals that of a gunship.

Incredible mobility, sustain, utility, burst, heal etc…


Things that I found out broken in general: Energy converter, r14 Destroyers in games with 7+ people

My biggest problem with the new ships and destroyers are that people that use them have a “by default” advantage vs

people lucky enough to fly standard stuff. Kitted out destroyers are one man armies…


In small games like 5v5 or 4v4 or 3v3 etc… the team with most alien ships wins by default. In such games one can feel

exactly how big of a power gap there is.
In all seriousness the new meta is cancer.


1 hour ago, mutsami said:




I’m not going to sugar coat it man. You are right, it is bad. I went up against a wuz’got that was “properly used” today and that thing is almost invincible and pushes even the heaviest ships like they are nothing.


But, on the other hand, I really enjoy using them. They are hella fun man. Especially Tai’Kin. And believe me, a destroyer can be a great match for the alien ships. The whole issue, from the sounds of those that are complaining about them, is that you have to grind for days to get them and then grind your life away to level them up to a useable state. But as far as standard, that’s not exactly true. They, if used right, can be way stronger and harder to kill. It just has a totally different meta.


The best thing to do is know what you are up against. If you hear the Tai’Kin cloud being shot and you are sitting on a beacon, then get away from the beacon. Stuff like that.


Finally, the Wuz’Got is broken and we have to deal with it until it receives its nerfs. Its always been like that and its not as bad as it was with Thar’Ga. That was a mess!

Apart from pushing enemies into walls faster than 700 m/s, what exactly is wrong with Waz’Got? So far they have seemed like free kills to me.


But yeah, Tai’Kin sure is troublesome. Too high burst damage for such a mobile and sneaky ship, and it is supposed to be a recon, not a covert ops. (Makes me wonder what the actual Ellydium CO will be like…) xxxx clouds are messing up all beacon capture games, and Thar’Ok Beamer’s “balls of instant frigate death” should not even exist.


My best counter against them so far has been Panther…



The variety of weapon bonuses along the damage bonus from using R12 ship in R15 games make Panther one of the best ships to mount Gauss Cannon on. Tai’Kins usually die with a few shots as long as they don’t have some multipurpose module available to clear jump inhibition and get away. Recent changes to Heavy Guard Drone make them pretty much mandatory to have around in order to protect second line units.

16 minutes ago, Vohvelielain said:

Apart from pushing enemies into walls faster than 700 m/s, what exactly is wrong with Waz’Got? So far they have seemed like free kills to me.


“properly used” |  almost invincible


In T5 and note the properly used portion. There was only one player that properly used it so far that I personally faced.

18 hours ago, mutsami said:

…Incredible mobility, sustain, utility, burst, heal etc… …9

The game is in  Evolution: next week , end of September, respectively, the last phase of Waz’Got Ellydium frigate will appear. After that we expect a wave of uprade/reworked standard and premium ships to give the game a new experience players hadn’t before. Due to limited base of developers, all takes due time and will re-balance itself out in the end (of this year, winter holidays, respectively) I suspect. Next year we will have a fresh new and balanced game back at our disposal. ![:00555:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/00555.png “:00555:”)