So Co-OP Got Unbalanced Too?

Before I start, I should say that I agree that the AI should be buffed, but this is absolutely insane:




Sorry i accidentally moused over SM when I took the snap, but several buffs are in the 200-400% range. Stupidly crazy, the Taikin is basically a light frigate.


I can’t see your photo.

to bad

Just because the newbies of the game all clicked OK doesn’t mean anything.


All-alien coop is complete bs.

It should be just rando ships like before. It was balanced because of insane never-miss aimbots and stupid AI.

Where’s the too boring, AI only fly straight line if unprovoked vote. Still, I would rather fight 6 alien ships than 6 destroyer ships.





What about LRF captains? Those sure were balanced.

2 ships… Do I need to say more?


Its boring man. T4 gets rough and if the overall players were better then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad but it still goes down to the fact that its just 2 ships. That is fukn boring. They do the same thing and yes, like milf said, they will fly in a straight line until you start shooting at them but so did the old school ones.


I want old school and new school combined. Stop with the hate crimes and segregation. LOLOLOL