Sniping + Frig Abilities.

I have a new idea to make sniping in the game work.


The Problem we had was that 1 shots was unfair, and breaking the games.

This force us to reevaluate the sniping, and lead to the current changes.


I have created a solution, After mean idea’s i am homing in on the way to make

the sniping in the game excellent.


Now, I have the solution, after some thought.



First, I want to address Frigate abilities. the idea of frigate was to be escorted by interceptors. This never takes place, So we need to change the abilities on the frigate to encourage players to stay near by. I recommend the following changes to frigates.


Empire  : Heals Near by allies with in 1500 meters have Gain immunity to inhibitor effects, and increase movement speed by 35% for 10 seconds. 


Federation:  Cloaks allies with in 1500 meters for 15 seconds. While cloaked, allies gain 35% movement speed. 90 second cool down.


Jericho:   Applies a Bubble to all allies with in 1500 m, that absorbs all damage for 3 seconds, and regenerates shielding by 625% for 6 seconds.


ALL SUPPORT FRIGATES GAIN:  Regenerates a missile/rocket Etc ever 3 seconds, 90 second cool down.


First, i think that it makes more sense for long range laser to be projectile Weapon with near instant travel speed.


The Fix / Solution


Hail, Stabilizer, Long range Laser

Each hit increase the damage of the next attack, by 10% per stack. If the target reaches below 15% Hp, he will take

100% more damage per a stack.