[Snipermode] Zooming?

I really miss being able to zoom in and out in snipermode. Would really help seeing enemies out of scanner reach.

I vote for a zoom feature. Just tie the mousewheel to it :slight_smile:

well… somewhat agree due laser gonna need it…

I would normally agree to this, but then again, 80% of players will just be scouting and shooting at each other from far away. then hide behind a rock. then heal. then go back to battle. then repeat.

I think that zooming might become one of the irritating features. If you train enough, you will not be needing zooming at all as you will probably be targeting smoothly after some time.

So, yeah, good idea, but I think it is not for this game.

non laser one, yes… dure fore-aiming and spread shot… but laser gonna need this bad due your aim on target over 10k is only 1 pixel… missed a bit in your screen already big gap on your target…