small ships - big damage?

One thing I’ve noticed several times: i run a small ship (mostly PVP) and try to ‘eat’ a frigate or a destroyer. The damage I deal (with the small ship - can be a tackler, a cov-op, maxim. level 12!) is way, way lower than the damage I receive when another player attacks me, with the same ship.


Latest example: I run a Fox, trying to take down an Archon. Every ship has standard ammo, shields and hulls, nothing fancy. It takes min. 20 seconds, maybe 30. IF it works. If!

A few hours later, I take an Archon and a Fox manages to ‘clear’ about 95% (yeeees, 95!!) on my shield+hull in about 5 to 10 seconds!! How is that possible? Is this some sort of nerfing?


Same example with a Fox and a Dragon. Simply, very very hard to believe how hard is to kill a Dragon when you fly a Fox, compared to how quickly one takes me down when I fly a Dragon.


I understand some things depend on the pilots’ skills, but hey, not THAT much.


So what do you make of this? How can this be explained? Cheers!




Resists and aim skill. Ask someone to custom battle and check that  in lab situation. 

A lot has to do with your and opponents builds, like equipment used, weapons, resistances etc.

You can start from showing us your current builds of an Archon and Fox.






Yap, good idea. Just realised the other 3 teams just got unlocked, b,c, and d. So it seems it would be a good idea to set a specific one for cov-ops, another one for dessies and one for… frigates? Or for long range? Or guuuunships ha ha

I think this is the key, it will make a difference. If i got this right ha ha