[SM] squad match

Just a random Steel Marauders squad match fast-forward(x2) version from interceptor camera view.

At this point not really sure what is worth uploading. Later on might upload some more corp videos, or solo PvP, not sure yet.


After upload realized that rendering was quite crappy, and even 1080p don’t look that good. Next time will be better!

honestly - i wouldn’t mind watching a 6 minute video over a fast forwarded 3 minute one

Here you go:


Pre-0.8 patch. Uploaded because of end results. Sometimes zero not equals zero(0!=0).

Yeah, my aim was terrible.  :lol:

i need to be more professional on coms if you guys are going to upload this stuff lol bad leader bad leader

Oh, you are so cute Tealc, thinking you are the leader  :lol:

Lol ill fix your little red Wagon next time im on