slowing down or stopping the screen for a few seconds

Hi All

When you move form one sector to another there are tips at the bottom of the page, I would like to read them but my system I guess is a bit to fast and don’t get time to read them.

My question is there a way to stop the screen or slow it down? tried to use the screen shot but it will not capture the screen, it only take a screeny after you get into the sector.

Or is my only option to use a third party progy to get screen shots? or my phone thanx…

IMO they aren’t really interesting and some of them are even outdated but nevertheless here is the full list:



Afterburners can be toggled on and off by pressing Z.
Damage from a missile depends on the size of the ship. The larger the ship, the more damage it takes from missiles.
Singularity cannon and Phaser discharges can pass through beacons and some objects!
At the beginning of the battle you are given 30 seconds to estimate the enemy strengths and weaknesses, consider a strategy and choose the right ship!
Are you the captain in 'Combat Recon'? Remember that the enemy team sees you at any distance, even under invisibility!
If you have captured a bomb, try to avoid direct contact with the enemy. If possible, deliver a bomb to enemy base and plant it!
Launch Star Conflict every day! Every fifth day, you can get a Lucky Container.
The game has several game modes. Click 'Launch' and read about every mode in detail.
Remember to visit the official Facebook community to keep up with the news!
Each type of ship has its own special module, which you can activate by pressing F.
'Energy Absorber' module operates only within line of sight. You can cancel its effect by hiding behind an obstacle.
Energy Recuperation System does not work when using the 'Diffusion Shield' of a command fighter.
An ECM's 'System Hack' module can capture or take control of an active Gravitational Lens against the enemy.
'Phase Suppressor' prevents tacklers from going invisible.
An ECM's 'Ion Diffuser' prevents usage of some active modules and all enemy weapons.
'Ion Emitter' lowers resistance of the target to your own damage only.
'Ion-beam warhead missile' of a command fighter disable modules and weapons in the same way as Ion Diffuser of an ECM ship.
Additional devices give you very good bonuses to survivability and profit in battle. Do not neglect them!
The ECM's 'System Hack' module can capture no more than four active objects.
Choose your ship depending on the needs of the team! Always try to keep ships of different roles in the slots.
When setting up frigates, consider using the Rank 5 Alpha-inhibitor 'Cheetah' implant, which increases strafe speed by 75%.
The 'Horizon' Module will significantly increase range, but it will also reduce damage.
Ammunition bonuses can help you compensate for some weaknesses of your main guns.
Rank 2 implant Neuroconnector 'FCS-M1' not only reduces spread, but also reduces the duration of enemies' control effects. This can help when dealing with electronic warfare.
Rank 11 implant Neuroaccelerator 'Oculus II' reduces the enemy's resistance to all types of damage, but only for the main weapons, thus increases damage output of your guns.
Rank 13 implant Neuroconnector 'Rapidus III' accelerates recharge of all your equipped modules for destruction or assistance in the destruction of the enemy.
Attack enemies in groups! This increases your chances of survival and success in battle.
Maneuver often! This makes it harder to damage you!
Do you see an enemy capturing a beacon? Damage him to interrupt the capture!
Choose a ship according to the team's needs! Always try to keep ships of different roles in the slots.
If a lot of enemies are protecting a beacon, try to capture another! Most likely, there won't be anyone next to it.
If the target has very little hull left and shields are completely restored, just try to ram it! It's an easy kill.
Beacon guard drones can sometimes help you get rid of pursuers.
If you're playing as the long-range sniper, do not forget to change your position often!
If you're the Captain in 'Combat Recon', you will always receive an extra +75% bonus to the main weapon damage. Use this advantage to help your team!
The Captain sees all enemies at any distance, even those that use camouflage modules!
If your captain was killed, the enemies will always see you, even with active invisibility!
Avoid overheating weapons, this can often save you in an emergency!
Do not always fly in a straight line! Maneuver, whenever possible.
Invincibility after respawn lasts for 10 seconds and resets after firing or activating a module.
Keep the captain alive, even at the cost of your own ship!
All frigates have a 'dead zone' of fire where their weapons cannot reach and shoot reliably - consider this when approaching for the kill!
Do not press against the beacon to hide! You can still get hit or killed by area-damage weapons!
Sometimes to find the enemy, you just need to listen!
It is often better to lose a few seconds, but wait for the group of allied ships than to fly very quickly, but alone.
In most battles, the primary goal should be the protection of friendly engineering frigates and the destruction of hostile ones.
Elimination of destroyer modules significantly reduces its durability. Try to destroy them first!
If your opponent is using a long-range weapon, he is most likely going to be vulnerable at close range.
Use all ship slots! An appropriate ship can significantly improve the chances of winning.
If there is one or two long-range frigates in battle, select a different role! A large number of long-range ships can adversely affect the outcome of the battle!
If your captain dies in battle, try to eliminate the enemy captain to even the odds, then eliminate any remaining enemy ships and help your team to survive!
Damage from collisions with obstacles depends on the collision angle. The closer it is to 90 degrees, the greater the damage.
All guided missiles are fired from the front of the ship. Unguided missiles fire in the direction of the crosshair.
Ships do not fly faster than 700 m/s.
Restoration effect of Eclipse launcher stacks. Two engineers can quickly repair even an armored ally.
Do not leave the fight, if all your ships are lost! Desertion will get you no reward!
Complete daily tasks in 'Open Space'! Completion of those tasks will reward you with credits, enriched monocrystals and synergy for your ship.
The Premium license has many benefits. It provides faster progression and accumulation of resources in general.
Synergy in battle is calculated for each effective action.
Starting a battle in SCL — take a set of four ships since in 'Beaconcapture' mode you can't re-use destroyed ships!
Found an error? Report it in the forum's bug report section.
There is no ultimate ship, weapon or faction! Everything has its strengths and weaknesses.
By fully levelling the ship, you make progression easier and faster - 'Fleet Strength' provides an additional increase to synergy.
By participating in SCL and completing the Broker's assignment you can obtain loyalty vouchers and enriched monocrystals each day.
Premium ships are extremely convenient for flying in 'Open Space' due to one free duplication attempt and two extra cargo bay spaces.
Manufactured ships can be altered many times for credits with no other resource required.
In a corporation, or a team, you can find new friends and like-minded people.
Complete missions! They not only provide additional synergy and credits, but also resources for assembling and improving modules, weapons and ships.
Destroyer modules operate only in their hemisphere! Keep this in mind when installing and using them during battle.
Try to use both types of controls while flying your destroyer. Press CTRL to toggle between control types.
Destroyer speed never exceeds 500 m/s, even when going through the 'Warp Gate' of the engineering frigate or stationary warp gate on the map.
Captain's bonus to damage in 'Combat Recon' is only valid for the main guns of the destroyer, but not for its modules.
To quickly sell certain items from the warehouse, select them while holding down CTRL and click 'Sell all'.
Don't follow the fleeing enemy squads! They are not cowards, they are regrouping!
The ship's role defines its weaknesses and strengths. You can identify a ship's role by its HUD icon.
The more members a squad has, the higher the chances to be matched against higher level players.
You can improve your ships by increasing their synergy levels. Try to reach max synergy level to get the most out of your ship.
Don't just shoot enemy ships! Do your best to complete the current game mode's objectives!
Once you die, all is not lost! Take this chance to look for the best ally still in the game and follow his actions. You can pick up some fighting techniques this way.
The top of the hangar menu has a 'Leaderboards' tab. This is where you can compare your progress and achievements to those of other pilots.
Complete the Baron's and Broker's missions in SC League games to get handsome rewards! Assemble a team and start conquering the Challengers league!
SC Leagues have two leaderboards - the Challengers and Baron's Elite. By ascending from Challengers to Elite, you get access to new tasks and the rites to participate in prestiged tournaments.
Each SC Leagues season is rich with team competitions. Follow the Baron's messages on the official website!
Starting in SC League is easy - creating a team is free, you just need a couple of high-rank ships and a few teammates.
Every Sunday, you can take part in automatic tournaments where everyone has a chance to win a precious resource - Iridium. See the tournament schedule in the game mode selection screen.
You can practice and test your modules in 'Custom Battle'. It allows you to try out your new ships without risking a lost battle in other game modes.
Additional daily purple rewards in 'Special Operation' guarantees extraction of one to three so called rare trophies. Available once per day after a successful mission.
Double-press R to 'focus' on an enemy, show the next beacon to your allies or point out an ally in need of help. Remember to aim at the target to ping it!
Double-press R to show the next beacon to your allies or point out an ally in need of help. Remember to aim at the target to ping it and hope for assistance!
To see your cargo bay's contents in 'Open Space', press I. Cargo size is limited and a valuable trophy may appear at a moment when there's no opportunity to clear the cargo bay.
When you start a battle in SCL, take a fleet of 4 ships, since in 'Beacon Capture' mode you can't re-use a destroyed ship.
In the key bindings menu you can tweak 'ship status' display. This will allow you to see all the info about your enemies: durability, ship name, role and nickname.
If you bind and use the 'Lock who's locking you' key, you will always know who wants you dead!
If you want to see more detailed and complete ship parameters, select 'Full' in game options menu.
You can disable the HUD by pressing ALT+H to snap a beautiful screenshot or fly in 'hardcore mode'.
Storage size is limited, so try to sell unwanted and unused modules, if you're running out of storage space.
Press Spacebar / Alt to shift the ship upwards or downwards.
You can change the type of displayed map in HUD settings.
To scan the nearby area in 'Open Space' with a Spatial Scanner module, press X.
You can change your crosshair shape and colour in HUD settings.
Enabling invisibility throws off the guided missiles following you!
Activating special module on gunships significantly enhances and speeds up your ship for a limited time. Just press F.
An ECM's Metastable Energy Field Generator can not only buy your ship survival time, but also momentarily disables other nearby ships to help you make a getaway!
Long-range frigates can enable radar invisibility, but they can still be identified visually!
Engineering frigate drones can be used to restore nearby allies' shields by pressing F. Doing this destroys a drone!
If the battle is far away, use your gunship's special module to increase speed. Just press F.
Engineering frigates can repair their allies. Protect them at all costs!
The disintegrator's target is highlighted with a laser beam before it shoots. Don't miss it!
Interceptors capture beacons very quickly. Recons are even faster.
By turning your destroyer to its broadside, you gain the advantage of maximum primary weapon firepower!
The Tackler's special module makes you invisible for a limited time. Activate it by pressing F. Once cloaked, evade! A smart enemy will fire at your last known position!
Guard frigate's 'Phase Shield' allows you to tune and match it to a specific type of damage. Switch to the right one by pressing F.
When flying on an ECM interceptor, remember that there is a counter against frequent control effects of the same kind! The third control effect in a row may not work anymore!
Special role module of a command fighter can make you nearly invincible for a short period of time, provided that you have enough existing energy reserve!
Be careful when flying with a bomb in Detonation mode! Activation of almost all special modules and some active modules will drop your bomb!
Spy drones sent to an enemy prevent him from becoming invisible and slow down their hull and shield passive regeneration rate.
An active adaptive camouflage on the Covert Ops interceptor does not make you invisible, it just removes you from enemy radar!
Eclipse launcher only restores hulls of all allied ships and active objects that get hit by it!
You can get rid of a recon's spy drone by colliding with an obstacle or your ally, if you can't afford any more collision damage!
The 'Proton Wall' module significantly reduces the duration of enemies' control effects.




Thank you, It’s those snippets of information that could help in a not so well documented game.