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We put people in Space!

My slogan is “Space may be a vacuum, but I’m the one cleaning house” - UrdnotWrex

“Keep calm and capture the bacon” - millanbel

My slogan —

  • Emergency Barrier? More like extended shielding!
  • A beacon a day keeps the court-martial away.
  • It’s cheaper if you pay cash.


Nick: Zefla

My slogans :



Empire based slogans:

"Victory or Defeat - two sides of the same coin!"

"Kill or be killed is our saving grace!"

"Failure is not an option!"



Federation based slogans:

"War is good for business!"

"Profit and colonization - our vision in Space!"

"Peace and prosperity is our future!"



Jericho based slogans:

"Fear and doubt - most powerful weapon against our enemies!"

"Devotion to our Kin will purge you of all sin!"

"We shape technology and technology shapes us supreme!"



Universal slogans: (acknowledged by all factions)

"Keep your aim true and your weapons ready!"

"Be on guard at all times!"

"The bravest of us always achieve the impossible!"



In-Game nickname: Koromac

Nick Ranes


My slogan is / are :

  • “Aliens”
  • Don’t be mad, i gave you more space.
  • I’m a leaf in the wind watch how i soar.

my slogan is: aliens or pvp that are the question

My Slogen is Die or live that say i

My slogan is Keep or die

My slogan for open space:


“You didn’t come in peace, you’ll be leaving in pieces…”

My Slogan is:


“Space,Hell Its Just another War zone”


“Space Doesn’t Take Mercy In Defeat”


(Empire Slogan)


“Ensuring The Eagle Still Continues Flying”


“Expansion Through Elimination”



My slogan for plain old PvP:

Is the form of a knock-knock joke.

“Knock… Knock…”

“Who’s there?”


“Ka, who?”

Then I snipe someone with my turret of my Long Range Frigate (L.R.F.)

{KA-BOOM! That’s who…}

My Slogan - something that can be used by all factions,


"Nothing personal, you just happened to be there ! "


"Nothing personal, it’s just bust business ! "

"Wrong timing ? "

"You have been served ! "

"Oh my…never thought you’d blew up ! "


"Alologies for any…inconvenience !  "


"Best wishes for…fast reccovery ! "


“Let the wiggles BEGIN!” ~ Tillowaty

Get REKT M8!  :006j:

my slogans :

“The best engineer is the living one”

“Why I’m so slow? Because I mostly ride cadillac!”

“One and two, almost got you, three and four, twisting your floor…”

“I bet you look good in the scrapyard!”

“Empire strikes back… NOT THIS ONE!”



In space, everyone sees you faceplant the beacon.





My slogans -

“Neither the Destroyer, nor the Defiler. No one can stop the power of pilot’s will.”

“Every pilot had to start somewhere. Some of them started as a wreckage too, of course.”


IGN - Pr0ximity

My slogans -

“Neither the Destroyer, nor the Defiler. Noone can stop the power of pilot’s will.”

“Every pilot had to start somewhere. Some of them started as a wreckage too, of course.”


IGN- Pr0ximity

Fixed a typo for you. xD

My slogan is [Never Retreat! we’ll destroy every last one of them!]

[Keep fighting my fellow pilots! they maybe our end but they will never defeat our hope]

[Retreat is not an option! Hunt them down and destroy the Defiler and destroyer]

[They just keep coming,kill’em all and never turn back!]

[Never look down to our enemy! let’s combine our power and send them back to their belongs]

[They are just respawn,we’ll never give up]

[Dont slow down,keep moving or your dead]

[Your death will be remembered, my hero,you just give us a hope]


My slogan -


They say no one in space can hear you scream. They’re wrong.