Slash commands to improve your game


I thought I would post here a couple of the special chat commands you can enter ingame which will give you additional information. The second one is especially extremely useful in combat and will give you a huge advantage over anyone who isn’t using it!

/set cl_showMmQueueInfo 2

This shows where you are in the tier distribution for your current queue. So, it will tell you who you can expect to be matchmade with, and give you an idea of the wait time for a match based on how many other players there are at the same tier as you.

/set cl_scrollCombatText 1

This gives an in-game readout of incoming damage, and status effects. Not only that, it also colour-codes the damage based on type. If you fly a jericho fighter with phase shield, no more guessing if that laser is em or thermal, now you know! You also very easily see who is applying buffs to you, what kind of debuffs there are, do you have a DoT on you, etc etc. Unbelievably useful and powerful.


This information is taken from the 0.5.3 patchnotes for the game, so it is 100% legitimate and allowed to be used - check them yourself if you like.


Holy cow, thanks! Second one is especially useful! +1