Skilltree Text Glitch

I’ve noticed some text falling out of the description range, of unlockable skills in the skilltree.

It appears to happen with the following skills:

Energy Tree

Tech 1: Adaptive Shield Module

Significantly increases the resistance of the shield to all types of damage for a *missing text*

Tech 1: ‘Sunshade’ System

Provides increased resistance to allied ships shields, which are close to your *missing text*

Tech 1: Small Teleport

Available local teleport module that enables you to jump a distance of 75 m. *missing text*

Tech 1: Stasis Generator

All system of the target ship are temporarily out of order. Target ship *missing text*

Tech 1: ‘Blik’ System

Changes the method of preparation of the plasma, so that when released into *missing text*

Tech 1: ‘Fan’ System

Emiter of an omnidirectional electromagnetic pulse damaging nearby *missing text*

Tech 1: Missles Set 2

Homing missles are available that can inflict various types of damage are *missing text*

Tech 1: ‘Chance’ System

Emergency high power shield. Nearly impenetrable, but it does not work for *missing text*

Tech 1: ‘Sunhammer’ Mode

Changes the method for preparing the plasma so that it generates a *missing text*

Electronic Tree

Tech 1: Rapid-kinect Gun

Distinguished by an enviable rate of fire, but much less than other guns in the *missing text*

Tech 1: Weakness Analyzer

Analyzes nearby targets and gives indication on Allied ships, allowing *missing text*

Tech 1: Target Painter Module

The neutrino target designator makes the target more vulnerable to all kinds *missing text*

Tech 1: Stabilized Railgun

It is distinguished by its range and accuracy of the projectile’s flight. Does *missing text*

Tech 1: Homing Missiles Set

The missiles are available in the store. The maximum level missile is *missing text*

Tech 1: Uranium Core

Increased speed of projectile, energy consumption also increases *missing text*

Tech 1: Ion-beam Warhead Rocket

Managed medium-range missles. Small EMP damage, temporarily incapacitation \ *missing text*

Tech 1: ‘Berzerk’ System

If the ship has a reserve of energy above a certain value, damage done by its *missing text*

Tech 1: Death Ray

Powerful energy beam emitter, which causes tremendous damage. Installed in *missing text*

Tech 1: Cumulative Munition

Complex shell carries the energy, which burns through the enemy’s extra armor. *missing text*

Engineering Tree

Tech 1: Adaptive Armor

Temporary enhances the interatomic bonds in the body’s material, making it *missing text*

Tech 1: Armor Reinforcement Set

A variety of modules that increase resistance to various types of armor *missing text*

Tech 1: ‘Bokas’ System

Causes an enemy ship to experience interference; does not allow the *missing text*

Tech 1: Super Clear Lenses

Multilayered lens spread the range of inflicted damage. EMI is appled instead *missing text*

Tech 1: ‘Dancer’ System

Ship ‘exits’ from our continuum in seconds. Becomes invurlnerable, but it *missing text*

Tech 1: ‘Boom’ System

Automatic self-destruct of ship with there is a threat of death. Causes \ *missing text*

Tech 1: Double-lenses Kit

Experimental focusing system allows for causing enormous damage over a *missing text*


Might be worth mentioning that I am running the game on 1440/900 resolution, but that this happens on every resolution.

Apart from that, there are many language errors, which I will post a correction for soon.

thats not missing text Mikesky

see here what the problem is and it seems to be even on 1920x1200 res

but with more descriptions being seen

I know it’s not missing, but no matter what resolution it is, the text ‘falls off’, meaning the area in which the text is displayed is too small. To fix this the area should be given a scroll function or the text should be shortened.

I just used the phrase *missing text* to illustrate where the text is falling off :wink:



A mouse over pop-up screen with the entirety of the text could easily fix this problem.