Skill tree????????

:what: Ok the new skill tree in my opinion is a step backwards and all that was needed was a restructuring. Now with how my ships are set-up i have to learn a different faction to get the skill i had before with old tree.

That to me is just wrong I already spent the time to learn certain skills for my play style and now thats gone. I know the old skill tree was not 100% and only some skills worked like the 5/5, but it still let you pick and


chooze on the way you wanted to play. Now you have to follow a certain faction to get wanted buffs. Basically I don’t want to learn a new game and might not. :facepalm:

You dont necessarily have to choose different factions to get these “buffs”. You just need to level up that faction to a certain rank in order to get teh skills that you want. Once you do so, you can switch back to your old faction and you’ll still have access to using the others skills. It forces players to go play on different factions to play on which is good because they might even buy some of the factions ships to use. The only downside I see in this new skill tree is that we’ll have to continuously switch factions in order to get the skills that we want. 

there will be a skill tree and a pilots tree…

I liked the new skill tree. Is simple and include all pilot’s experience.

What worry me is if the skills of the X faction is better than other faction, because in general we must have advantage and disadvantage between the faction’s skills.

i feel the various factions are not suited to each other correctly. Empire should be armor based, Jericho shield based, and federation, should be improvements to cloak, speed or energy.


as it stands now, each of the three races have a various counter point of the same ability


Empire - armor hp

federation - crit/mis dmg to armor

jericho - Armor resistance


it should be something like


empire - armor hp or resistance

federation - improved speed

jericho - shied hp or resistance

well, they already announce that exp we spend for skilltrees gonna be saved and goin used for future changes… so just be patient i think…

Yes, there is a pilot skill tree being created at the moment, which should take place of the old skill tree.

yea the skill tree changed complete but its also good !