Skill tree question

I’m assuming each tree is kind of catered toward each of the three ships, but my question is do all of the passive skills effect all of your ships? Is it worthwhile to invest in all of the skill trees if I primarily play a fighter? Should I bother with that 1500% Hull armor mitigation thing in engineering? It seems a bit overpowered from reading the tooltip.

Beam(laser), rail gun and plasma are the three weapon types I see in the shop, but my skill tree has skills for “Rapid fire plasma” and “Rapid fire kinetic”. Plasma is plasma, so what is kinetic?(I understand its the damage type but what weapon does this effect) >.>

Thanks, sorry for all the questions, any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

kinetic is railgun, kinetic dmg vs hull, plasma (EMP) vs shield, laser (thermal) vs all

each tree -almost- supposed for each type of ship :

energy with their superior shield , plasma modification and engine speed mostly for interceptors rush strike

electronic mostly about jamming, disabling and railgun mods ideally for fighters back stabbing

and engineering talk about reinforced hull, more support , and laser mods that used for make frigate perform better.

but… aside there’s also several stuff for other type in each tree , playstyle also affect in tech tree choice…

about guns , by default :

Laser = Thermal , doing so so on both hull and shield, low rate of fire, high energy use, no need fore-aiming make it ideal for sniping.

Railgun = Kinetic , doin better on hull, so so in rate of fire, mid energy use , good for quick take down after you disable the shield with rocket.

Plasma = EMP , more damage to shield , very fast , low energy use , ideal for harasing.

but… in each tree , there’s also modification to make them doin other damage type…

Im not shure if Plasma is the Shield killer and Railgun the hull killer. I have the feeling Plasma is good against Interceptor and Rail against Fighter. So far, there is no diffrence if you use Plasma or Rail. Only the unique weapon desing makes it feel diffrent. Gonna test it out in the next few days.

well, you can use chanrges for each weapon, and kinetic may become a thermal, and plasma kinetic…