'Skill Mode' & 'Meta Mode'

I suggest a separation of the general PvP queue. Since all pilots are now lumped in to one queue and queue times are at an all-time-low, this is possible.


The first queue will be ‘Meta Mode’. In this mode nothing will be changed from the current PvP and pilots can use all of their ships just as they build them.


The second queue will be for ‘Skill Mode’. This mode will be almost exactly like PvP was waaaaay back in the day. Each pilot will have their own ships to use, but the possible loadouts will be standardized for all pilots. Each pilot will be able to slot one interceptor, one fighter, and one frigate. They will then be able to chose between the three damage types for the main weapon, and each main weapon will emphasize the quelities of its damage type. The available modules will almost be very limited and mostly be restricted to multipurpose. Every 5 wins will give you a free container of random crafting materials with the possibility of higher resources and ship parts blah blah blah. Just to make it worth whie over the current clusterfk that is PvP.



Here is the proposed armaments for all ships:


Ships :

Interceptor: High speed and maneuverability with extremely low durability. Weapons have 75% damage output. Light dumbfire missiles with quick recharge.

Fighter: Normal speed and maneuverability with stronger shield and hull. Weapons have 100% damage output. Moderately damaging dumbfire OR homing missiles with slightly slower recharge.

Frigate: Slowest and least agile, but extremely high durability. Weapons have 125% damage output. Heavy dumbfire OR homing missiles that fire in bursts of 3 missiles with longest cooldown.

No incoming damage scaling for any ship. All ships have flat resistance. (no increase or decrease etc)


Special module :

Capacitor Relay: Toggles between +35% speed, +15% damage, +30% regen(for actives), and +25% damage resistance.


Weapons :

EM Cannon: Heavy hitting and slow RoF.

Thermal Cannon: Moderate damage with fair RoF.

Kinetic Cannon: Light damage with high RoF.

EM is slow but heavy-hitting.

No laser or AoE primary weapons.


All ship modules:

Shield Pack: Quickly regenerates the ship’s shield by 75% of volume. 30 second recharge.

Hull Regenerator: Slowly regenerates the ship’s hull by 75% of volume. 30 second recharge.

Flares: Fires radio flares to block enemies from locking you for 2 seconds. Flares also have a 66% chance to distract homing missiles. 18 second recharge.

Jump: Teleports the ship towards the crosshairs by 3,000m. 30 second recharge.

Fighters :

Protect: Toggles between +15% speed and regen, and +25% damage resistance for allied ships within 4,000m.

Mine: Drops a stationary mine dealing the same damage as the missiles. 16 second recharge.

Interceptors :

Dephase: Puts the ship in to cloak for 8 seconds. 30 second recharge.

EMP: The locked ship shuts down for 2 seconds. 30 second recharge.

Frigates :

Assist: Fires a repairing laser at your crosshairs that repairs 50% of a damaged all’s shield and hull vodule over 5 seconds. 30 second recharge.

Barrier: Projects a static pentagonal barrier in the direction of the crosshairs for 12 seconds. 25 second recharge.