Six years since release!


Six years ago, on September 4, 2014, Star Conflict was officially released. Since then, the project’s world has changed significantly. For six years pilots have been fighting each other in PvP, completing PvE missions, and exploring Open Space.


During this time, new fighters, frigates, and destroyers joined the lineup. We added new weapons and new modules. New locations were discovered.


Over the past year, pilots took part in the events “Moon Race” and “New Foundation”, flew a ghost ship, successfully repelled an alien attack and bravely fought and continue to fight in the war against the Pirates. The game now has unique technologies that improve the characteristics of ships — Seed-chips. Players tried on the role of aliens in the new brawl “Beetle in the Anthill” and flew paper planes in the “Paper Conflict”, and also began to participate in space races in open space. “Pirate Chronicles” event has begun.


The new year will bring us new surprises. And today we celebrate! Festive missiles ‘Spark’ are available for purchase from September 4 to September 13!