Singularity cannon misaligned aiming [OD]

Whilst in PVE games my Singularity cannon will occasionally aim, lock and fire at a target in the opposite direction to my reticule. The cannon will fire 2 shots at most then align with the reticule again.


This has happened consistently for the past week, regardless of ship and mission.


I’m unsure as to what causes this error, though I believe it may be related to the directional inertia at the time. This is based on the last match where I circled the Missile launcher clockwise to fire and avoid being hit, and my cannon aimed to the far left, whilst I was travelling right and fired past the launcher that my reticule was centred on. 


The described event occurred in the logged match that is attached below


DxDiag and Today’s log are included

[2013.08.28](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=6633)



!Please note: logs were deleted prior to this report so only the one match is recorded, though this error occurred three times during this match!


Is this issue still occuring for you Wolfwood?

This is still occurring. Basically any objects near your ship can throw the aim off completely. Easily reproduce firing through an engineer’s shield from close range, other objects are more difficult to reproduce and at least in some instances probably lag related. Blocking one of your guns usually is another easily reproducible case.

One part of the issue is a common and hard to resolve (because mostly working as intended) issue in third person 3D games when the game thinks you aim at the near instead of the far, but the problem in this game is that even zooming in as much as you can to verify you have a clear shot you still get this issue.

The solution for this game is easy. Don’t have the code try to aim at structures at all, always aim at the ship.

All guns react the same way actually. It happens every time when my screen is visually blocked by something too close to the 3rd person camera in the upper half, thus the guns seem to react like i’d try to shoot at it instead of the target some km in front and obstructed by it.

Ill submit it then.