Singularity and Spike Box Bugged?



I have been trying to get the blueprints for the Singularity Jericho ship. So far, I open three boxes and they all contained the singularity processing chip blueprint. I used one but two is a waste. Also, I tried selling them on the trade market. I couldn’t even sell them and 600 Iridium was spent to get them.


Aala on SC


new blueprint cannot be traded on the market for some reason .

and it’s not a bug , just the RNG f*ucking you over , i have 4 project 1011 processing chip blueprint in stock x)

image.png.c1da3959d7e5ef362c83a9c9ee886607.png image.png.7fee9c3b17e92f560bcb8816fb341d0f.png image.png.8928e21e1f005619cdade6e62c033184.png image.png.54753d0623b26c18113243a5e4ded95e.png image.png.14d7536d90a5ae5f76254cc23ed306c2.png