Single Player Campaign - The Timothy Log

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The Timothy Log




You play as a person named Timothy. Timothy is a human, along with many others also named Timothy, from a surviving Precursor laboratory, the last remnant of the Precursors. The last memory young Timothy has is being shipped with his brothers to different parts of human territory. 


After you see that background video, you choose from the three factions. This determines what missions you have. Videos will accompany each mission. Although missions start out different they will remain different until the very last. This will show different viewpoints from the three factions of the same story. Each mission number will have (#) to state chronological order. If they have the same (#) they take place around the same time.


The second paragraph tells you what happens if Timothy succeeds in staying alive/completing the mission. It is accompanied with a videoclip. If he doesn’t succeed the mission restarts for the player to try again.


Empire Missions


1(2.5)  -  Timothy is on a routine recon mission. He spots a Jericho fleet and a pirate flotilla destroying each other. What a beautiful view. Suddenly a pirate recon pilot, spots him on his radar, microwarpdrive near him and starts shooting. Timothy needs to activate his Phase Remodulator Module. He then needs to activate his repair kit and MWD away. They MWD near him again. Now he needs to destroy the pirate.


After he wipes the pirate up. He returns to HQ and gives the information to the Superior Officer.


Federation Missions


1(1.5)  -  All is calm and well.  Timothy is the only pilot in his outpost and his contract almost finished. Orders from the PA system blare. They tell him to enter his ship and engage all unauthorized Jericho pilots in the star system. Timothy launches in his tackler and sees only two enemy interceptor ships. This should be easy, he thinks. But then he realizes than they are close to the warpgate and they might escape. The chase is on. He has a  stern chase with the two Jericho pilots. Timothy manages to nail one pilot but the other escapes.


Since he has no family to go back to, he renews his contract. He now awaits further missions.


2(2)  -  A strange signal arrives at Timothy’s outpost. That must of been what caused those Jericho pilots to travel through Federation space unauthorized. A new mission of Intel transfers him from this star system, away from this “signal” commotion. He now pilots a guard ship protecting one of the border stars with the Empire. Empire Gunships arrive and they launch Kinetic Energy Projectiles, basically big metal balls toward the main inhabited planet and leave. Timothy and his defending Guard squad must move along the path of the KEP and turn on their phase shields to kinetic to absorb the damage from it before it hits the planet.


If he succeeds in protecting the main planet he awaits further missions.


Jericho Missions


1(1)  -  A signal arrives, similar to the original, at one of the nomadic Jericho bases. Then it stops. The family leader arranges for courier ships to travel to relay this message to the other family leaders. A Federation world is enroute to the nearest Jericho base. Timothy is sent as one of the messengers in a Covert Ops ship. Timothy will need to beat Federation pilots at their own game by using the Adaptive Camo module. He will need to time it right. He needs to activate it while between asteroids and hide behind asteroids while the module cools down. If Timothy does everything right, Federation Intel will find his wingman slip up and they will engage him and his wingman. If Timothy himself slips up before his wingman does a single Federation pilot will still engage them. To escape they will need to sprint until they reach the warpgate. The longer Timothy remains hidden the easier it will be for him to reach the warpgate because the distance is shorter. 


Timothy makes it to the Jericho base, delivers the message, and awaits the next mission. Sadly, his wingman was left behind after being shot up by a Fed pilot.


2(2)  -  Moving at light speed, the same signal arrives at the new Jericho base. Jericho now has 2 points of reference. Jericho Intel has enough information to know where the signal came from but still not enough to pinpoint. 1 more point and Jericho will be able to triangulate where the burst signal came from. Timothy is sent to the next base. The signal arrives at the next base. The Family leader there calls all the others to his base to discuss what to do. They unanimously agree to scout around the area. Traveling to empty place with no area to restock, a small fleet with auxiliaries is called upon from all bases. Timothy is now a pilot of one of the Command ships and controls his own squad because of his good performance on his last mission. The fleet runs into pirates who have heard the signal first and gathered here. He and his fleet engages and gets decimated the pirate flotilla. Timothy narrowly escapes with his squad.


He returns back to base, gives what little information he has gained and awaits further orders.



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