single-factioning yourself VS being free mercenary

Every now and then when reading this forum, and maybe even when watching youtube videos about this game, I seem to notice people whom are playing only one faction and only that one factions ship.


And sometimes it feels that they believe it must be done so; even to that extent, that if you have chosen your nationality (the personal bonuses) to be certain faction, you then play that faction, no other option available.



I do realize, that according to development plans, this might change so, that soon we are really forced to fly only one certain faction in one game, but that is not the situation yet in current version.


I personally fly a mixed group of ships, and like it. And I am a bit sad if that development plan becomes reality, that it is not possible to fly with mixed faction ships even as some gamemodes.



So I am interested in this phenomenom. Where does it come from?


This is not “omg whyy are you doing that” -whine, but an honest curiosity towards different playstyles and how the playerbase is formed.



Is the reason optimization?

It costs less to constantly swap contracts, so it is useful to grind one sub-faction, thus grinding one same main faction, while leaving the other factions to level 1.

If doing this without DLC boosts and/or licenses, I quess the system forces a bit to optimize where you spend your money, and thus making you play only one faction.

Downside is, that you don’t get the MkIII modules of those other factions to use in your ships.


Is the reason roleplaying?

Some people like to roleplay, that instead of being “I don’t care to whom I fight as long as the money is good” -mercenary as the game seems to explain it, but choose their own option “I care for my faction!”.


Is it liking the faction’s ships more over other faction’s ships?

This could be one reason. Still the downside again is, that you don’t get the MkIII modules of those other factions.


Is it making yourself used to upcoming development plan change?

Unlikely reason, but a possibility; as development plan says, such feature is coming in the future. But I haven’t seen much details about this. I don’t see reason to limit one-self yet, just because in future there will be such limit.


Is the reason not knowing?

It could be possible, that some non-forum reading new players don’t know that they could fly mixed teams in game or even change faction they gain reputation and loyalty to.



What do you think, or why do you do that? Or am I missing a point?

What faction ship you fly has absolutely nothing to do with the sub factions in anyway you could even think of so why you bring that up is beyond me.

You just pick the sub faction you want the mkIII items from regardless of what faction or ship you are using.


The reason why most people dont switch main factions as much is due to the cost of 300 galactic standards for a forged ID to make the switch and the fact that you don’t progress into higher tiers until you supersede the rank you had on the previous faction witch could take a long time if you looking for T3 or even T4 ships…


I definitely see the point of switching eventually but not only to diversify the ship hanger layout but also to unlock the other faction implants.

with respect to “quick-match” I.E. random games, people who 1-faction do this from different reasons. Some like the role-play element, others have a preference to a faction’s visual design or special powers.


When we start with sector control and whatever comes after that, It stands to reason that the universe of this gameplay will play a role and that is something that is fun. We’re likely to see vanguard, Armada, Legion, Warden order, The raid and the techs as well as the jericho, empire and federation as forces that hold planets and contract missions. 


Corporations will without a doubt have varying ties to the different factions, and ship availability for corporation-based warefare may be influenced. I can see “free” corporations playing in a different on a playing field than “aligned” corporations. Ship availability may be a part of that. 


It’s hard for me to get into the dev’s head and read what they plan for the future. But “living breathing world” has a meaning and part of it is some imbalance with the options that players have, as consequence of their standing in the game world. 


Regardless I think this will mostly affect the “living world” part of the game which hasn’t come out yet. Random pug-wars will probably remain as they are.