Siege Mode

Each side is appointed a team captain, however this captain is placed in a Carrier.  Carrier has Flak and Missile defense turrets (like the stations in PvE), is equiped with a siege cannon, and supplies reinforcements.  The Carrier does not regenerate Hull, but does regen shields at a very slow rate.  When a carrier is destroyed reinforcements stop.  Win conditions are eliminate all enemy ships or have the most kills when time expires.




Shields 550,000 HP

Hull 200,000 HP

35% to all resist for Shields

50% to all resists for Hull

Speed: 75 m/s (No Afterburner)


Immune to all electronic warfare

Cannot get positive or negative effects.



Special Ability: Primary Weapons (Ion Beam Capital Weapons)

Deals 25,000 EM Damage to target

60 Second Recharge

Range 20km

Restriction:  May ONLY target enemy capital ships.


Special Ability: Tactical Warheads (Broadside Torpedoes - Think Wing Commander here)

Deals 50,000 Thermal Damage to target

120 Second Recharge

Range 10km

Target must reside within firing arc on port or starboard and must remain in arc until it detonates.  Firing arc from center point is 45 degrees.


Special Ability: Combat Jump Drive

Ships is jumped 10km in direction of orientation

300 Second Recharge

Prerequisite: Shields must be at 20% or higher to use


Special Ability: A Trained Eye

Rate of Fire and Damage on all Flak turrets is increase by 150% for 20 seconds

300 Second Recharge

Plausibly interesting, but way too powerful weapon-wise.  That “ion beam” would one-shot probably every interceptor, fighter, command ship, and long-range frigates, not to mention out-ranging pretty much everything on the map.  Being able to instantly kill other players from ranges where they cannot even see you is silly.  Similarly, the “broadside torpedoes” would instantly kill all interceptors, fighters, command ships, most engineers, and even some guards.  It’s like 3.5 nukes all at once.


I like the idea of one really tough ship that needs to be protected, but making it hundreds of times as tough as every other ship, and also being able to deal hundreds of times more damage?  That’s just kind of silly.  If I want this atm, I’ll probably just play PVE and hope for Blackwood.

The capital weapons would not be able to target anything other than the enemy capital.  They do not have the tracking to kill smaller ships.  The torpedoes would also be too slow to harm other ships unless the pilot runs right into them.  I updated the main post on this.  Thanks for the feedback.  The fighter screen (players) must protect the captial ships while they engage each other and/or assist in the enemy ships destruction.