Shows I am in battle when I am not! [NB]

This is annoying. I am trying to enter a battle but apparenlty all my ships are currenctly in battle…

Tried logging out a million times. Nothing happens. #$%$#%$#^#$% bugs!

Please report any bugs [here](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/213-bug-report-section/).

im bumping this one up…

Had something similer to this happen but it was right after a battle ended and just finnished the loot screen and it popped up lost server conection but it took me stright to the hanger and said I was still in battle, could not repair or replinsh ammo ( Keep getting error message ) and got no emails for contracts or trophes… So I logged out and back in and it fixed the problem and it was really annoying though.

I just played a match of beacon hunt.  It was supposed to be 5v5.  It ended up 4v1 at start.

Is this still occuring? If so, please upload your log files so it can be looked into.

AFAIK, it’s fixed.  But it was bad that day, I tried to see how bad and I got lucky to not be locked out of a game.

Marking this as resolved, if issue arises again, please start a new topic with the needed log files uploaded, not cut and pasted.