Show us that you're serious about Sirius!

Well, I am definitely serious, so here is my Sirius!


Each of you should submit 3 different screenshots , featuring a rank 14 Federation destroyer - Sirius.

You can take it at any location , but it must be taken in Open Space.

Picture format type should be PNG. Screen size 1920x1080. No edits of any kind allowed , in-game screenshots only.

It is recommended, that you set your Graphical settings to High, with all affects enabled.

Put each screenshot in the spoiler tag and write one sentence for each screenshot.

That’s it.


Screenshot 1: (Sirius Destroyer leaving orbit of a planet.)



Screenshot 2: (Sirius Destroyer in Space, a long voyage ahead.)



Screenshot 3: (Orbiting a planet in the Federation sector.)




Those are some siriusly bad images, cant see a thing.

But siriusly, why would we do this with all these rules?

Shirley you can’t be sirius?

I decided to remind about weekly best scrennshot contest on FB and Steam ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) So you can shoot two targets with one shot)