show mirror window (oculus rift setup) is just black

I wanted to stream Star Conflict while using the Oculus Rift. Was happy to see the “show mirror window” option in the setup and thought its like the normal view in an extra window for stream…but its just black. bug or did i missunderstand the use of the mirror window?

Bump. I am also having this issue. Would love to know how to fix this.

Double bump, this is an issue gaijin, please can someone say something on the issue? Any mods know anything about this issue?

For correct work “mirror window” you should start game with key -d3d9ex

Hello, is there any support of Star Conflict for the new Oculus Runtime 0.7 ?


Thank you!

No, for 0.4 only

Is there a date when Star Conflict will be compatible with Runtime 0.7?

No, for 0.4 only

That’s strange, I was able to play with .6.2 firmware about a month ago.


.7 firmware definitely does not yet work.