Show effects?



Whats this function (with ctrl key) for by weapons? It shows almost the double dps on weapons. If I know right, for ships it shows your ships stats at max synergy level.


Thanks in advance!

I have no idea what you just posted… maybe you could reword it?

Also maybe you need to turn on the advance help menu over to see more details…

or are you describing a bug?

He is talking about the green numbers. I don’t know how it works, but that is the boost to the module.

Yes, I meant when you check a module/ship and keep pressing the ctrl key (Show effects), green numbers appears in brackets to the right of the original stat. Thats what I’m asking about.

The green number is how much damage is being added.

The actual number is what your current DPS/Damage is.


Don’t add the green number to the damage.