Should all premium ships be top of their tier?

As the titles says. What is the point of some of the premium ships when they are not top of their tier (Joker, Grim etc)? I just feel that they will just end up gathering dust as you would be gimping yourself by taking them out, which as ashame as a) You spend real cash on them, and b) some of them look fecking cool.


Can they all not be bumped up a in rank to make them top of their tier so that they are not just a simple waste of money?

Nobody forces you to buy such ships which are not at max rank of their tier.

Mauler is just R13 and is OP anyway…

Joker is just R5 and is strong anyway…

Grim is the only ECM in the whole game with 3 hull slots = massive T3 tank.

There are just a few ships like that, i wouldn’t care.

Ok, I guess this question is just coming from my inexperience. If they can hold their own then I can see that it isn’t a problem.

They can hold their own more than enough. But they have to be flown well, and taking advantage of their pros.

I vote yes.



^ This

A Reaper with 9 Slots? Hum… Ye… NO !


Nopety Nopety No…

It is fine as it is.

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i’d exchange the sai for a grim probably. 3 hull slot ECM will bring some serious rage!


“why won’t it die!”


if anything, ships like the sai need to be moved down a little. they’re really quite powerful, almost too powerful, but i’m not complaining because when cruising at 630 m/s in PvP, stripping shields and dodging lazorz because it’s too damn fast, i feel like a boss

I dont think so, like Evi said, you really have to take advantage of their pro.