[Shop] Change default filters

I’d like to suggest that the filters in the Shop are defaulted to show only gear and weapons your ship(s) can equip.

The very first time i logged in, i hurried to the shop and bought a Military Mk 1 Laser… A few days later now and i can finally use it!!!

I mean, i used a lot of money up front for something i would only be able to use later… doesn’t make sense.

It could’ve been avoided if the filter was defaulted into showing only the relevant items, in which case i would have actively unchecked a few boxes to show more.

Check again, there is such a filter :slight_smile:

I know there is but, but it wasn’t activated for me when i logged in the first time :slight_smile:

Top right of the shop screen, last checkbox, it says “Fits ships”, that’s the bot you are looking for. It also shows modules that you almost have the prequisites for, witch i find very usefull, makes me want to invest in skillpoints more and more and more :slight_smile: