Shooting ecm-Ships when purple



its strange sometimes these ECM Ships turn purple, at the end of teir invulnerability. Then u shoot them and when timed right u get em. But i seem to always miss lately…did this change somehow or am i just getin old?

There is an extra 1 second or so invulnerability after the field pops so it gives ECMs a little time to move away and avoid well timed torps, missiles and such.

timing that rocket was always so nice.


not sure if the nubceptor needed that


but yeh, they now can move around and escape yet again or disconnect your keyboard for a last time.


makes homing missiles at least their bane.

1.5 seconds invulnerability after bubble collapse - dumb buff imo

Just needs to be something like .5s or .75s. That would be fine.

Also, you can still hit them with stuff just after bubbles, it just needs to be super well timed and fired from a distance.

You can also shoot homing missiles at an angle sideways to hit them with more delay.