Ship's tree not correctly showing proper ship's ranks, when comparing two ships (bug or a feature?)

Possible bug report:


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Description of possible bug:

Whenever I check my ship’s tree on any non-premium ship, ship’s ranks are fine. I hover my mouse over the ship. Rank 10 out of 10 is shown.

Whenever I [shift] compare both/two non-premium ships ( press and hold left shift or right shift key), ranks on both ships get nullified. Rank 0 out of 10 is shown.

I was expecting to retain the same ship’s rank with the other ship. I was also expecting effect of the implants as well. I think that they do not count as well.

There is no special condition required to replicate this.

It happens everytime and did always happen before patch/update v1.1.0.

The rest of the details are not needed.

I will submit the logs, if they can help with this issue.



Is this intentional, or a bug?




Thank you,  Skula1975.

Can someone elaborate this?

Is it a bug or a feature?

Can someone elaborate this?

Is it a bug or a feature?

Feature, probably. It’s been this way for a while, contrary to what you said. Lets you compare barebones ships to tell their stats.


Unfortunately, it also compares credit ships barebones against fully leveled premiums. That should probably be fixed.

Skula1975, can you confirm?

It is not a bug