Ships Role

By my view point.


Good: protect Alied bases, do a back attack, Distraction, supress enemy shield(using plasma).

Bad: Take others interceptors, assault enemy bases.


Good: sneak atack, take enemys bases, destroy frigates (1x1), tanker, finish enemy hull(using rail), long range suport(using lases),

Bad: weak vs interceptor, slow(no so), hard to avoid fire.


Good: Very long range support, destroy any ship( in long distance), protect alied bases, destry enemy guardian drones, resist heavy fire.

Bad: Very slow, horrible in short range , die easy without anyone supporting he.

Agreed. thats how it works

IMO interceptors are more suited for surgical strikes on frigates instead. i’m not sure whether high tier rockets change that though.

with some… modify… interceptors are also good for assaulting bases… you just need right weapon…

and yea… interceptors good for rush on frigates… those frigates almost not moving afterall… not always works thought due there’s exist anti rocket module…

not sure if frigates horrible in close combat… im trying firgates with plasma… and the result kinda scary… not mention scarier shield… only energy problem exist…

I attack bases more than i defend bases with the Interceptor, i also using kinetic weapons to assist my teammates by intercepting and concentrating fire on tagged targets in order to kill them fast while they are weak.

So i guess every ship can take on almost every role, assuming that it is correctly equipped, but i rarely use frigates and fighters so i dont know for sure.

Inty can supress the enemy very well and also has the map domination due tue his warp. Its also able to burst down frigs and attack ships but out of rockets it turns more to a fast and agile hunting ship.

Fighter is very good for sneak attacks and also support and cc’ing. Command Modules are very good if well used. Quite tanky and also a good pack of punch that can be used in charge attacks. Stelth is an essencial abilty to engange and also disengange the enemy.

Firgs are suppost do deal dmg over high distances while they are still able to support other ships in range. Also point defense and gunship offenses based on a support/rapid frig can be quite efficient. Not to mention the abylity to take down missiles like nuke or maybe even the minefield makes them a good addition to a team. Also the tankyness of them is impressive.

Low tier needs to decide between tanky and support while high tier can do mostly everything. Its the same for all classes.