shipcontrolmode only expertmode with oculus



with the rift its not possible to use the easymode in shipcontrolmode

this is a big handicap

fregattes in normalmode can turn there turrets in almost all directions and so easy defend himself when there use freeaim

if i sit in a fregatte i have to turn with the fighters  when i use oculus , so i will loose that fight 




i was wrong with my second point - which is now deleted


What is Oculus SDK version used?

What is Oculus SDK version used?


as i reported i used 0.4.4

since yesterday i use

newest version - 0.6.0 didnt work (oculus output comes to my monitor - rift is black- or white, didnt remember)


i played a lot games yesterday and i FEEL the radarbug (my other bugreport)is not more so often

but i still had him

You didn’t attach log files.

Please, reproduce the issue and attach actually logfiles.