Ship XP not working

I seem to not get ship type xp

Interceptor is lvl 4 now but the lvl is stuck at 0/10700

Fighter is lvl 2 and stuck at 0/5800

Frigate lvl2 0/3500

i’ve played many matches bot player vs player pvp and agains bots but not getting any ship xp




Thanks for your report. I think this is not a bug. T1 ships can only lv 2 while the first T2 should be able to reach lv 4 and the next T2 ship is able to reach lv 5.

So every ship has a max lv.

ok cool thanks. i must however mention in that case that either the ship level system much be improved with more visible rewards (aditional slot at max level. or a higher level with better over all stats, OR (lastly) the rep lvl must be lowered for the next tech ship, because at the current rate your lvl is maxed by the time you get to a 1/4 of the rep leveling system. I dont know if it is the character over all level, ship level or tech level that causes the match pairing but i’m being put against lvl 3-4 players, and its no contest to be honest.

use it or loose it :slight_smile:

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