Ship Stats Strangeness



After reading some new stats I found a lot of strangeness


Pics talk better than blabla.






Note, All ships are unstuffed


Moreover, IG stats are no longer the same of the stats.



Look at the Resist amount and Hull HP



In the bottom of the page, my skill plan.


This is just some exemple of the Empire tech tree

I look at other factions, and they also have several strangeness




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Stats are something that needs to be fixed. Give it time they are busy bee’s.



The raw stats on a ship are the reason why the tanking on empire is on key, and the tanking on shielding is inferior.

It is also the cause for many other problems like the wabble effect that is on ships when they gain to much mobility (causing things to turn the wrong way and crash.


they are very upsetting, but nothing we can do at the moment really.



My position is that the ships tree should be sorted by faction. And each faction should gain some sort of stat increase/decrease over the other faction of its race, example of this can be





Legion - + Energy Capacitor

Warden - + Armor Resistance



Raid - + Shield Resistance

Tech - + Shield Regeneration



Armada - + Speed 

Vanguard - + Acceleration



Note: Ideally With these changes i would change cloaking so that it lasts near 1 minute duration (up from 30 seconds) By making it cost so much energy per a second. This would make cloaking more offensive. The reason i gave speed buffs on these ships is because federation suits a sort of “hit and run” Tactic. Acceleration helps avoid incoming weapons fire after cloaking, and speed helps the armada who has a longer duration cloaking device to be used offensively.

For stats, Like I though, it’s a bug, so, beta ‘n’ xxxx … lets wait.



I agree with your thinkg, about factions specs.


I also found that there not enough … specialisation between tech trees.



What ever, thanks for your response, the subject is cleared.

The devs are working on the ship stats so we should see some improvements soon.


Furthermore the stats of the russian wiki are no longer up to date.