Ship scales?

After looking at the “clan dreadnaught” I was wondering if you guys will take the chance to post some render scales to show size differences, it would really be awesome to get a idea of how big ships will get.

I don’t know, i have never seen images where the vessel size were compared, but here are some pictures if someone has the courage and is good at math to calculate this :

at least we sure they aint battle cruiser size…

look here at jericho ships…

from small to big i believe they are interceptor, fighter, frigate

Oh man. I need that Fig. That thing looks beast.

I could be wrong, but to give you a size comparison, if you look between the dreadnought’s two front “arms” in the center you’ll see an opening. Judging from the CG renders it looks like that is the size of the hangar where you manage and equip your regular ships.