Ship rotation in freecam

After the change of the turret fire ancles to include blind spots the auto rotation in freecam mode isnt neccessary anymore. Currently the ship will always try to spinn his top upwards. If anyone trys to get his target over the top of his ship, the auto rotation will always spinn the ship back to its origin instead of leaving the ship where it is. This way the turrets get out of their fire ancles back in the blind spots leaving the ship with lesser available turrets.

So i suggest to remove this feature too.

Agree. Auto-orientation should be completely removed.


Well, a button could be added to auto-orientate the ship, like “G”.

I have to agree on removing freecam. Basically atm it means that who has fastest going, most agile ship can do loops around the target while shooting and actually never having the ship in its crosshairs. Of course that will be needed on ships with turrets but i dont think interceptors or attack ships should have turreted main weapons that shoot behind the damn ship. They should be max 25 to 45 degrees angle at the front of the ship. That way the actually piloting skills will matter more and not the ability to do tightest loops around target.

Well, this post is not about removing the freecam, but the auto-orientation on free cam…

auto orientation is good for me, no give you advantage o weakness.

That’s just not true, since the turret’s angle has been reduced and you need to rotate your ship constantly to get more firepower. But now you have to deal with the auto-orientation and being pressing Q and E, not to orientate your ship, but trying to compensate it.

Moreover, auto-orientation does not exist in static camera, we are just suggesting the same to the free camera, giving more opportunities to the gameplay.

A good solution for free-camera to all:

Auto-orientation by pressing a button, one click, and your ship auto-orientates instantly.

Or giving an option on settings, to less skilled players who like auto-orientation and easier gameplay.

Thank you for listening our suggestions. The new camera system is much better than we could imagine.

Only one suggeston:

Maintaining the current cameras, you could add a button to quick re-orientate “horizontally” the ship.

re-orientate horizontally in relation to what?

re-orientate horizontally in relation to what?

In relation to the battle’s beginning plane, to those players that are not used to physical laws on space.

i miss the auto orientation, we need at least a button for it

i miss the auto orientation, we need at least a button for it

Well, It was part of the original suggestion: removing auto-orientation, but adding a quick buttom to reorient the ship.