ship roles and options

I’m sure there’s reasoning behind this that I’ll never comprehend, but if the developers wanted me spend money on their game, why is my only other option at the top end of jericho fighter Tier 2, another command ship? I would like to get a better T2 tackler, but I have no options, so my money is staying firmly in my pocket!


Very simply, give me more reasons to buy stuff. I won’t lie, I would spend galactic credits on colour and skin options at this point, you’ve won me over that much; show me some love back!


Seriously, even though this is beta and this patch pretty much proves that point, I will spend money on this game if you only give me a reason to! In my opinion, just for the effort so far, you deserve a little bit of it :taunt:

Sounds to me like you don’t understand just how beautiful the basic machete is. Compare it to the other Jericho tacklers and you’ll notice something, it has a gross excess of large slot missiles. 8 frigging minefield tier 3’s, think about that man, think about what that does during beacon hunts, or how much of a pain in the xxxx you could be with a Laser to incoming interceptors while following an allied engineer.

It doesn’t have alot of expansion slots, ditto on the mod slots, but it’s a great little specialized machine for particular roles.

Well if you ever consider advancing to Jericho T3 Fighters you need to buy Machete type S befor you can buy Katan.