Ship outfit

So as of recently, when you buy ships you get them outfitted. No negotiations, you get mk1 equip. My suggestion is - make it chooseable. You buy your ship then you choose, what weapons, mods etc go with it (all mk1 ofc).


I actually like it. You can buy the ship and go straight into battle, and eventually outfit how you want. The builds they put on them are not the best but they are decent, and previously it was annoying to buy a ship then having to wait for a while till you can buy all the weapons and modules for it. 

+1 to intricate


i like it too it’s just that the price of the ship is raised way too much because of it

I’d love to see some modules skippable too, for example if I switch from Phobos Aura (command fighter) to Deimos2 (also command fighter) I have all the modules I need. I should be able to uncheck “outfit ship automatically” option and just transfer modules from my Phobos, saving money. And if you uncheck the option the ship’s price should be lowered accordingly.

that is actually a great idea.

devfags would get their grind, and i would at least get the choose my fit, because premate fit is crap beyond words…