Ship Models

I really don’t like Tier 3 ship models. I’d rather them be tier 1 to get rid of them fast. What about you?

Interceptor: T1

Atacker: T2

Frigate: T2

What about T4 ships?

Inty T2


Frig T2

Only 4 people? Uau. Anyway, at least it seems we all agree T3 ships look … not good

T3 - Incercp. and Frigate

T1 - Atack

All the models generally look good, i would be more interested in seeing a list of ship specs just to see the diferences between t1 ships or other tiers. Is it simply appearance?

I would have to go with Lother and say the T3 interceptor and Frigate, but the T1 attack ship.

And to answer your question Vod, the higher tiered ships and equip higher tier (more effective) weapons and modules, have more slots for active and passive modules, as well as have new types of modules available. For example, a T1 interceptor can equip two T1 active modules, so lets say a T1 hull repair and a T1 shield repair module that each repair a small amount of hull/shield respectively. On a T3 interceptor, you can equip three T3 active modules. So a T3 Hull repair, a T3 Shield repair, each of which repair much more hp/shield per second than the T1 versions, and in the last available slot, you can equip a Stasis Generator active module that shuts down your ship for 5 seconds, a module that was not available in a T1 version, and therefor unavailable for use on a T1 ship.


well, so what’s the difference between the dvger2 and the king dvger, both t1 just dont know if its worth it to get since i cant see differences.

The advanced ships in the same tier usually have and extra slot for modules respect from the basic ship.

It would be nice to know what they look like for the players such as my self who have not unlocked the higher end ships yet.