Ship Loadouts

This page might be a good place to discuss your favorite loadout schemes.

I’ll start out with a semi-beginner Interceptor, the Federation TI Mk2 Dvergr Knight. This ship has nice hull strength, micro-warp and relatively inexpensive to outfit. Survivability is low but good 1v1 especially against frigates. I chose all gank no tank setup. Choose your targets carefully, get in, get it done, get out.

Main Weapon:

Rapid-fire Plasma has continuous machine-gun like action but can overheat. Good damage.

Missiles: (6)

Christmas fireworks. Same stats as unguided missiles but you carry twice as many (12). GET THEM !

Battle Modules (2)

Achilles’ targeting complex. Adds 33%+ to main weapon damage dealt.

Electronic Interference module. Opponents lose target on you for 15+ seconds

Passive Module (1)

Battle Scanner. Reduces spread on main weapon.

I’m looking forward to seeing your favorite ships and how and why you chose to fit them.

“Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space”