Ship flavour text replaced by generic class descriptions

Ships appear to have lost their descriptions since the new patch. It hasn’t happened to all ships, but it seems that Empire Gunships and Long Range frigates have lost their flavour text.





Old text: It used to be the best ship of the Direktorium, but it has been removed from the regular Army. It is used in police and planetary defense as a support ship.



Iron Harpy:

Old text: As an exception, “Harpy” was adopted by the Guards with minor alterations under the designation GF-7B “Iron Harpy”.



Two more examples attached.


All Gunships and Long Range ships are affected, including DLC and Pirate ships.



Done on purpose due to flavour texts being mostly awful and roles still not being clear enough.


Edit: Only some ships are affected simply because not all the descriptions were replaced by the time the patch was being applied to the lvie servers.

Well I for one am disappointed with that. It feels like you’re getting rid of the game’s background for no real reason…


Would it not be possible to return the flavour text in some form? I’ve been told that the Russian community don’t really care about background, but it matters more to European and American players.


Edit: Hell, if you are that concerned with quality, there’s probably a dozen people on the Forums who can produce good quality flavour text for you.


Edit #2: If all else fails, is it possible that copies of the old flavour text can be thrown into a text doc and put somewhere the wiki people can access it? That way it can all be rescued from oblivion and will still exist somewhere for the people who want it.

Quite the contrary, we are now working on the game’s background more than ever, though it doesn’t always have immediate tangible effects. It’s still very likely that all those flavour texts will return at some not-too-distant point, but we have to make sure they are well-written and match the game’s story.


Whatever actual lore-tied pieces of information were present in those texts are still there in our files, and I’ll try and compile them in a table for everyone to access. Rest assured, we understand that this is important and we’re definitely not getting rid of the game’s background.

I do hope the ship tree is fixed before that flavour text is added… Otherwise, it’s gonna be a mess everywhere.