Ship Bonuses in the New Matchmaking System

**Now all the pilots have a new type of matchmaker available with additional bonuses, reinforcing the ship.**



Over the weekend, mercenaries on medium and small ranks was tried a new type of matchmaker, focused on PvP difficulty level. It allows to create a massive battles and significantly reduced queue time for the battle. Also, the new system will add a new tactical decisions to the gameplay - there are more opportunities for maneuvering and choice of opponent. And the pilots also have an additional purpose to improve the fleet strength.


From today, 3 types of games are available in skirmish mode:


  • Easy: battles between ships from rank 1 to 5

  • Medium: battles between ships from rank 5 to 9

  • Hard: battles between ships from rank 10 to 15


If your ship doesn’t have highest rank in the battle, it’ll be buffed by special bonuses. Bonus power depends on how close your rank to minimum available in certain fight. This allows the ships of small ranks to reduce the backlog in the technical specifications.




Another innovation is in a change of the number of pilots on destroyers in battles. Now each team can have only 3 players who have destroyers of any rank in their slots.


We carefully watch the fights on all the difficulties.


United Mercenary Centre wishes you successful missions!

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